07 Feb 2022

Sound Blog: Zazen Composition



In this sound blog, I have explored some of the subtleties of sounds arising and heard during Zazen. Taking note of the “lowercase” pieces of Steve Roden 1, this post amplified subtle noises recorded during different 25-minute meditation periods. The scarcity of (musically) interesting sounds meant that various electronic hums (fridges, air conditioners), played an important role via creating layered drones. As with my previous sound blog, I kept the same restrictions in terms of technology and effects, however, with the addition of the LKC Variator. This is a fantastic REAPER script that randomises a sound file in terms of different parameters (such as pitch, length, position). This created the chaotic bleeps found through the composition, which could potentially serve as an apt metaphor for the monkey mind! I recorded all sounds with a Zoom H5, and a pair of Soundman OKM II binaural microphones.



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