23 Feb 2022

Sound Blog: Cottage Pier Composition



For this sound blog, I have compiled a short “drone” (or noise) inspired hydrophone composition made during the previous summer. All sounds are from Lake Saimaa (Finland), recorded from a cottage pier with a single Jez Riley French hydrophone. As with my previous sound blogs, I used a limited palette of effects, however, this time with the addition of a delay. Today’s post arises from considering potential research questions within sound studies, and the ecoacoustics of water bodies and underwater soundscapes. Not having a background in ecology, I have been focusing on the contributions that humanities scholars and artists have made in this area [1,6,5]. I am especially curious about the potential of what Kim De Wolff and Rina C. Faletti et al. have termed as hydrohumanities [2]. For future posts, I plan to experiment more in this area, utilising cultural approaches to the study of underwater ecologies. This includes questions of environmental change, and especially the rising levels of underwater noise pollution worldwide [3]. I am keen to read these issues through the lens of sound epistemology (“acoustemology”), involving efforts to understand the didactic role of sound and listening [4].



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