06 Jun 2022

Sound Blog: Untitled Pentaptych



Today’s sound blog presents a compilation of five different “dark ambient” inspired demos and experiments that I have been working on over the past week. These works are directly inspired from recent listenings to Sleep Research Facility, Thomas Köner and Ulwhednar, emphasising slightly more darker and moody soundscapes. Although I rarely watch horror movies, these demos (perhaps) point to more “sci-fi horror” inspired scenarios (à la Ridley Scotts 1979 Alien). Most of the works relied on a process of heavy layering and re-sampling to make detailed sounds. My goal is to get a better appreciation of this area specifically, as I want to create soundscapes which invite new discoveries on repeat listening. Although these pieces are still rough, I hope to keep experimenting in this area further. A crucial step forward would be to improve my knowledge of mixing, as this is an area that I am still heavily lacking.

Untitled Pentaptych

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