15 Jun 2022

Sound Blog: Boat Rowing



Today’s sound blog presents another minimally edited field recording, this time of me rowing a small row boat on Lake Saimaa in Eastern Finland. This post is partly motivated by a desire to reflect on my experiences over the past year recording with binaural microphones. I have done most such recordings with the same setup, namely using a handheld recorder and in-ear omnidirectional microphones1. What has attracted me to this kind of setup is the way that I can, in a sense, directly share what I have heard. Unlike conventional microphones, my physiology (head size, ear shape) will uniquely affect any captured audio, thus making for a more “intimate” listening experience when shared. Another factor is the unobstructed nature of recording this way, being portable and inconspicuous (and perhaps also less intrusive). Lastly, there is no monitoring involved, with my body effectively being both a microphone and a stand. In this sense, my own presence is always apparent, if not only due to recording imperfections, such as handling noise, etc. Through this, I have certainly gained an appreciation for attentive mindful listening, keeping my body as still as possible for the duration of a recording.

Boat Rowing


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